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Colony War datafile. Empty Colony War datafile.

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Corporate Coalition vs Tobar Empire.

Winner: Corporate Coalition
Losses: Over 2 trillion lives.


The Cause of the Colony War, started off as a mere border dispute between the three big Mega Corporations of the Orion Star Cluster and the Tobar Empire in the Tobar Star Cluster over the location of three planets, this started 5 years before the situation deteriorated when the Orion Space Corporation caught a Empire spy within Orion itself, when the Empire was asked by the corporation for a reason, the OSC was ignored. As the situation got closer to war, the Corporate Coalition was formed to counter the growing Empire Star Fleet spotted at the edge of the Tobar Star Cluster. During the year 516 ACA (after Colonisation Age) The Empire launched a small invasion fleet into the first of the OSC held systems, which after 39 days the invasion fleet was repelled. With that the Corporate Coalition declared war on the Empire.

During the war

While the war only lasted 5 years, during those five years alot happened. To stop civilian deaths, the coalition pulled civilians away from the outer systems and began a trenchwarfare style move forwards against the Empires 'not one step back policy' the breakthrough came when the Empire tried to breach one side of the line, noting the Empire's lightening of certain parts of the frontline the corporation launched an attack straight through the heart of the Empire's lines cutting supplies off. Although the Empire counter attack was able to reach Orion, they were surrounded and cut off by the blockade. The Last Admiral of the fleet surrendered to the coalition.


The Endgame of the war came when the coalition arrived at the Empire's Homeworld and was met by the Emporer's flagship. He had personnally taken command of the defence and it was during this battle a new type of OSC ship was used codenamed the 'Land Cruiser', This first ship was called the OCSS Abriel and it's dropships were able to destroy the planetary defences from a distance. The Emporer's flagship was open to the main coalition fleet and was destroyed. The Coalition president declared his death 2 hours later across all channels and also declared the Coalition would secure the Tobar Star Cluster. This proved a take one planet at a time affair, but the Land Cruisers were used and in 521 ACA the Coalition finished the Tobar Empire off.


The biggest Aftermath point is the fact of the coalition remaining the government of two star clusters and not disbanding straight after. The Corporations liked having a United Government run by a president that they elected. The Empire forces went on the run and the Corporations land Cruisers began to be used as mining ships but with a permanant security presence. The Coalition though has it's own army and naval force, and it is a very powerful force in the star clusters.

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