The Orion Space Corporation Factfile.

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The Orion Space Corporation Factfile. Empty The Orion Space Corporation Factfile.

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Name: The Orion Space Corporation (OSC)
Nickname: Orion Corp.
Company specialism: Mining and colony construction.
CEO: unknown.

RP basics

Advantages: Dropships, logistics
Disadvantages: Adapting to the terrain. Not really entrenched fully.
Main Leader: Director Cho Long.
Military leader: Major Sam Green.

Unit overview. (will be updated shortly)

Dropships:- These units drop troops and vehicles onto the battlefield. They are adapted at Atmospheric travel and landing.
Command Vehicle:- This unit is a mobile command centre, used in skirmishes and fights to command the force on the ground.

It then divides up into squads with four main roles.

Infantry: This is either Riflemen or Commandos, the squad numbers differ and the firepower. Riflemen are good front line troops, they have specialised armour that can adapt to the environment, but not the weapons fired. The Commandos are snipers and trained building destroyers, they tend to be spotters for the artillery.

Armoured Tread Units (ATU's):- The ATU's (or tanks) are divided up into four types. The first is a scout, highly fast, machine gun but lightly armoured. The Vanguard is a more heavily armoured anti-infantry and light vehicle unit, equipped with about 2 light auto cannons able to rip into and destroy infantry with ease, while light vehicles take time. The Champion is the main battle ATU, it has one main 107mm cannon able to destroy most heavy vehicles given time, it is well armoured and can deal with infantry with a machine gun, however the gunner becomes exposed. The final one is the Paladin Heavy ATU, this big ATU is equipped with 2 107mm cannons that use Depeleted Uranium rounds, it is able to literally rip into and destroy any opposition building or vehicle, but will find infantry harder.

Armoured Air Units (AAU's):- These air units have about 4 air unit types. The scout is a fast air unit capable of spotting enemy positions for artillery or they can call for a missile strike from a missile base. The Fighter AAU is an anti- air unit, equipped with anti-air missiles these units tend to cover the bombers and ATG AAU's. The Air To Ground AAU's are equipped with a chain gun and 4 missile pods that can gun down infantry and vehicles, they cannot fire on other air units and are pinned down by AA fire though. The bombers are the OSC's powerfullest AAU, they drop bombs in a carpet run and tend to cause alot of damage to buildings and can withstand AA fire if it does fire.

Support Tread Units (STU's):- The STU's are divided up into 3 types. The first is a dedicated Anti-Air unit, equipped with heat seeking anti-air missiles or, if that fails guided missiles that need to lock on, this is the only unit that has a squad of four in the STU. The next is a dedicated artillery, able to fire missiles a great distance, this artillery can also be loaded with a Thor missile which is effectively a tactical nuclear device to cause damage on structures and units. The thor does not leave radioactive waste though and is a one shell only. The final STU is a dedicated repair vehicle for the forces, most majors and commanders deploy one of these for emergancy repairs.

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